Champions of the Court of Love

Lovers It is the day when Cupid lets fly his arrows. Come and celebrate in Medieval fashion at the Champions of the court of Love. A celebration of courtly love and a chance to impress your friends, consorts, or family. There will be compititions in Fencing, Archery, Heavy and Arts and Science on the themes of Courtly love. The Shire of Eplaheimr call all those whose hearts are overfilled with emotion to join us in choosing our new Champions of the Court of Love for the new year.

We will celebrate with many diverse activities: Arts and Sciences with the theme of Courtly or Romantic Love — or a token made in deference to the one who has one's heart (or one of the muses if one is a lone wolf), combat tourneys to prove just how much we are inspired by those whose hand we hold in ours, and a feast to fill the bellies as much as the hearts of all in attendance. Our bards, skalds, and troubadours need no further encouragement to share their tales, verse, and songs, as the Court of Love delights in hearing all expressions of the joys and sorrows of love.

Love comes in many forms, from the grandest overture to the smallest smile. As such, we encourage all attendees to bring some small tokens of appreciation to give to gentles whose efforts and deeds encapsulate those virtues we gather in honour of on this date.


Aspire Centre, Clara House, Clara, Co. Offaly, Ireland.

Opens 6pm on Friday, and closes at 2pm on Sunday after site clean up.

Trains run from Dublin Heuston to Clara. Clara Station is a short walk from Aspire. Buses run hourly(ish) from Dublin Airport to Kilbeggan, a nearby town.


Please fill in the Google Form to reserve your place.


Bed — all inclusive€55
Bed — off-board€45
Crash — all inclusive€30
Camping — all inclusive€25
Daytrip — 6-16 years old€10
Children — 0-5 yearsFree
Student/unwaged discount10%
Family Daytripping cap (2 adults 2 children)€50

Eplaheimr cancellation policy will be strictly adhered to.

Event Staff

Event Steward: Susannah (of the many consorts) | Sue Callaghan
Reservation Steward Fianna Rua Nic Mhathúna
Fiest: Lord Kier of Kingeslake
Marshall in Charge: TBA