Twelfth Night Coronation

12th Night Coronation: 7th-9th January 2022 Come one, come all to laude and rejoyce in our new Rulers and the commencement of a reyn, an the fates be willing, that shall be pestilense free and full of cheere and gode companie!

When: Friday 7th to Sunday 9th January 2022

Where: Barony of Eplaheimr, Petersburg Outdoor Educational Centre on the Shores of Lough Mask, County Galway, Ireland

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How much

Attendee General Petersburg House Petersburg Centre
    ensuite, all bedding sheets, but no blankets
Adult – Full event, all food   €55.00 €45.00
Adult – Daytrip, lunch & Feast €25.00    
Adult – Daytrip, but no Feast €20.00    
Child – Under 5 – in own bed/cot   Free Free
Child – Under 5 – in site bed (charged at cost)   €28.00 €16.00
Child – Under 5 – Daytrip, lunch & Feast Free    
Child – Under 5 – Daytrip, lunch but no feast Free    
Child – Aged 6-12 – full event, all food   €36.00 €24.00
Child – Aged 6-12 – Daytrip, lunch & Feast €10.00    
Child – Aged 6-12 – Daytrip, lunch but no Feast €5.00    
Child – Aged 13+ – full event, all food   €55.00 €45.00
Child – Aged 13+ – Daytrip, lunch & Feast €25.00    
Child – Aged 13+ – Daytrip, lunch but no Feast €20.00    


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Event Site

An aerial view of the event site, with buildings labelled

The event site is divided into 2 separate buildings: The Petersburg House and The Petersburg Centre. The buildings are adjacent to one another, so there is not much distance between them.

Petersburg House has smaller bedrooms of 4 bunk beds ensuite and provides all bedding.

Petersburg Centre has dorm rooms varying from 3 to 14 bunk beds and provides only pillows, pillowcases and sheets. People will have to bring their own blankets/sleeping bags. All dorms have access to bathrooms and showers.

Feast will also be split between the two halls. More information will be given about this closer to the time.

The site is wet and only allows covered flames, so no bare candles, lanterns only please.

The site does not allow pets.

The site has a portable mobility ramp to access doorways. All activity rooms are on the ground floor and are wheelchair accessible using the ramp. However, all bedrooms are upstairs. If an upstairs bedroom is not an option for you, we recommend staying off-site for your comfort and convenience. Alternatively we can set you up in one of the activity rooms, but sadly we will not be able to make it a private space for you.

The site is happy for people to set up child travel cots/mattresses and child beds in the bedrooms at no extra cost. If you do intend to set one up, please let us know so that we can assign you an appropriate room.

We will be charged by the site for each bed used. For the Under 5s needing to use a site bed, we will only be charging the same as the cost to us.

The Petersburg Centre courtyard

12th night Coronation will require all attendees to show a valid vaccine certificate, PCR test (72 hours), or proof of covid recovery upon arrival at Troll. This is similar to what is required for international travel. If anything changes in between now and the time of the event, we will send out updates to all those who have confirmed bookings.

If you have any health-related exemptions, please email us privately with the details at time of booking.

More information will be available closer to the time and updated regularly in the runup to the event.

Off-site Accommodation

The event site is in a popular area of natural beauty, so there is a wealth of off-site accommodation within a 10min drive of the site. Google maps is a great resource to find such places.

A list has been compiled below from Google Maps, with the disclaimer that none of these are being recommended by us or the SCA, or are known to have survived the pandemic.

List of off-site accommodation within 10mins of site


The event site is approximately:

  • 3 hours drive from Dublin Airport or Dublin Ferryport
  • 2 hours drive from Shannon Airport
  • 1 hour from Ireland West (Knock) Airport
  • 4 hours from Rosslare Ferryport

This being the celtic wilds of rural Ireland, we recommend hiring a car, or hitching a ride in a car with someone. Public transport is neither frequent, nor has good coverage in this area.

Public Transport

It is easy enough to fly into Dublin Airport, transfer by Airport Hopper bus to Houston Train Station, and from there get a train to Galway City. From there, take the bus route 456 or Expressway route 52 to Headford and change for the bus route 422 to Castlebar and stop in the town of Cong which is local to the site (15mins drive).

If you are flying into Ireland West (Knock) Airport and intend to use public transport, there is a bus route 440 to Westport stopping in Castlebar. From there you can change to route 422 heading towards Galway City and stop in the town of Cong.

If you are flying into Shannon Airport, you will need to take Expressway route 51 to Galway City, then transfer to route 456 or Expressway route 52 to Headford, changing there to route 422 to Castlebar and stop in the town of Cong.

If you intend to use public transport and will need collection from Cong, please let us know as we will look into providing this if there is sufficient demand. Please note that there may be a small charge attached.

Depending where you are travelling from, there may be additional customs checks and delays. Please remember to factor these in when calculating timings, especially for your return journey.

FYI: Ireland is in the EU. Ireland is not in the Schengen area.

Useful Links

Event Team

Event Steward: Melisende Fitzwalter OL

Deputy Steward: Lord Cullain

Reservations: Lady Fianna Rua Nic Mhathuna

Head Cook: Lady Maeve Rois Ineagh Ui Chaoimh

Marshal in Charge: Lord Ünegen of Eplaheimr

Feast Cook: Lord Kier of Kingslake

Herald in Charge: Baron Etienne Fevre

Royal Liaison: Viscountess Susannah of York