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Armouring Day

Baron Etienne's Workshop will be the location for a Wednesday spent working on Armouring projects.  Fancy hammering Steel, or working to the roar of the forge? Ever wanted to make a Medieval suit of Armour?  This is your chance to have a try.  This is not a teaching day, but an availability of tools and space to try things out.

Attendance is Free, but you will have to cover the costs of any materials you use.  You are of course free to source and bring your own!

There are 4 spaces at any given time, and there are monthly Armouring days throughout the year.  So if you can't make one, you might be able to make another!

Days: Various Wednesdays (See Dates Below)
Booking always closes at noon 3 days before the date
Times: 10:00am - 4:00pm - Bring your own Food (hot drinks available)
Upcoming Dates 

Booking is required for this activity as space is limited.

The location is Baron Etienne's personal Workshop in East Galway.  You can contact him at