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Cumann na Sáirsintí

The Sergeantry Program

The Cumann na Sáirsintí program was introduced at Investiture AS LVIII (2023). The following is about Cumann na Sáirsintí, please feel free to ask many questions if any clarification is needed! This program is for all unbelted, all non-peers!

It is a way to test yourself, push your boundaries and widen and deepen your skills and have your accomplishments known. 

The rank of Sergeant is a unique tradition from the Kingdom of An Tír which began when An Tír was a principality situated a very long way from the Crown of the West. This is similar to the geographical distance of Eplaheimr within the Kingdom of Drachenwald. Historically, candidates for sergeants were tested in all the skills of knighthood such as arts, sciences, warfare, courtly manners, dancing, heraldry, and games. Therefore, when the Crowns of the Kingdom of the West did come to An Tír, they could be assured that these fine gentles were worthy of consideration. The rank of Sergeant has spread throughout the Baronies of An Tír and to some other Kingdoms. The ranks have since evolved to include other areas of interest in the Society.

The ranks for the Barony of Eplaheimr, in line with other programs within the Knowne World, are:

Sáirsint (Sergeant): specialising in heavy weapon fighting.

Scoláire (Courtier/Scholar): specialising in courtly/arts & science skills

Pionsóir (Gallant): specialising in rapier skills

Boghdóir (Yeomen): specialising in war/missile/archery skills

Lansaí (Lancer): specialising in equestrian skills

These ranks have been developed to allow individuals the opportunity to demonstrate martial prowess, commitment to service, pursuit of the arts and sciences, and/or dedication to the chivalric qualities, and developmental ideals esteemed within the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The goal of Cumann na Sáirsintí (the Sergeants) is to provide subject experts within the Barony and throughout the region, who exemplify a commitment of service to the populace of the Barony. These are not honours, they are ranks. This means that they are not given as an award by someone for past work done. Instead, there are a set of tests/trials. If the candidate passes all of the trials, they will receive the rank. If they do not pass one of the tests, they do not receive the rank. The Sáirsint retains this rank until such time as they should become Peer, when they would return the rank and regalia to the Barony. We invite any member of Drachenwald to compete at the trials for the rank of Sáirsint; however, there would be an expectation of fealty, in keeping devotion and loyalty to the Barony of Eplaheimr. Members of Cumann na Sáirsintí are recognised as ambassadors of the Barony. They work with the current Baronial Champions to help foster the skills and ideals of their chosen area of study. They are expected to have devotion to and loyalty to the Baronial Royalty of the Barony at large.

How to Start:

Each candidate submits a written (scribed with calligraphy and illumination) request to the Baronial Royalty to enter the trials and be judged by experts in each field. The passing "grade" would ensure the candidate would have to be, for example as a Sáirsint specialising in heavy weapon fighting, a dependable middling or better fighter, but would have to be much better at each of the other, non-fighting skills, than what the requirements for Knighthood demanded. Therefore, when a member with a rank of Sáirsint from Eplaheimr was being discussed by the Peers of Drachenwald they would only have to be concerned with that person's fighting prowess. The fact that he or she was a Sergeant would ensure that all the other requirements had been met and then some. There would be no question that the prospective knight had all the other graces.

The Trials:

The trials are designed to help the candidates improve their knowledge of their chosen specialty/category, and to increase their knowledge of various aspects of history. While the trials are specific, they will show that each candidate has reached a certain level. This is a serious and self-reflective body of work that is very personal to each candidate. They will have from 6 months to one year’s preparation. The information will be available to them online, for ease. The final Trialacha Cumann na Sáirsintí (Sergeants Trials) will occur at a weekend event toward the end of the first year after the first Investiture of the new Baronial Royalty (in congruence with the Baronial games) wherein the final tournaments of combat, and arts, courtly graces, and others will be completed and the Sergeants will be made. Many of the trials will be performed over the first year coming up to the Trialacha Cumann na Sáirsintí. There will be a checklist available for the candidates to retain and have signed off during the year to put toward the Trialacha.

We believe that this programme will greatly benefit the members of the Barony, the island of Ireland, and the Society. It will assist in their own growth and visibility throughout the Kingdom displaying the prowess and specialty of Cumann na Sáirsintí. We would hope that this may encourage similar programmes in other Baronies throughout Drachenwald.

Rogned Banbarúnach

Edel Banbarúnach

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