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All are welcome to Eplaheimr.
While Eplaheimr and the larger SCA to which it belongs, is a society primarily focussed on the research, recreation and reimagining of any culture pre-1600CE, we consciously choose not to recreate the exclusions, bigotry and social norms that was so often the experience of people living in those times.
To that end, our armoured combatants may be of any gender, and fight for a consort of the same or different gender. We encourage the careful research and appreciation of different cultures. Members who wish to do so, are encouraged to explore non-gendered forms of titles, ways of address and presentation within the scope of the group. People with any form of physical or neurological impairment will not have to hide or disguise any technology that provides aid. Any and all comers are welcome to join in any activity that our group holds, regardless of ethnicity, gender expression, religion, sexual orientation or ability.
We also expect members to treat each other with respect and courtesy.
There will be no tolerance against bullying, harassing or abusive behaviour of any kind directed at any member. This includes malicious behaviour, physical or verbal, that is intended to hurt or harm an individual or group on the grounds of, but not limited to, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion, race or ability. This also includes the display of offensive material regardless of it's historic authenticity, non-consensual physical contact and the use of SCA rank or privilege to exclude, isolate or intimidate.
Should you experience or witness any such behaviour, or otherwise not feel safe at an event, approach the event steward, or other high ranking officer with your concerns. Outside of events, you should contact the Baronial Seneschal or Principality Seneschal.
Anyone found participating in such behaviour will be asked to leave an event, and possibly sanctioned against future group activities.
This policy applies to all activities run by the Barony of Eplaheimr.
Here is a link to the Drachenwald Code of Conduct