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Welcome to the Barony of Eplaheimr's annual Demo at St. Nicholas's Church Medieval Fair in the heart of the city of Galway.  Join us and show off your skills to the public, be they Arts & Sciences or a more martial skill.  Different from our normal events, this is a day where we provide colour to the church's event and also have a chance to encourage interested observers to join the SCA.

A typical demo sees us manning a couple of tables either inside or outside the church (weather dependent), showing off and demonstrating crafts participants are happy to show off and talk about.  We also usually put on a scheduled display of arms for 30mins, twice in the day, and perhaps other sessions like dancing, if we have someone willing to lead it.

We invite all to come along and show off the best the SCA has to offer - yourselves!

Just bring along 1 A&S item you would be happy to demonstrate and talk about (you can bring more, but 1 is sufficient), and/or your fanciest combat gear.

Setup is usually from 8:30am, with the Fair opening at 10:30am going on until 2:30pm.  For those with cars, the closest parking area is in the St. Patrick Primary school grounds across from the Church (paid parking).  Teas and coffees are typically provided by the church.
Contact: Baron Etienne Fevre