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Our Esteemed Baronial Royalty

Her Excellency Baroness Adele de Chaddwyke

Her Excellency Baroness Rogned Stengrimova

Eplaheimr Rulers


Chamberlain:                          Viscountess Susannah of York

Herald:                                    Lady Fianna Rua nic Mhathuna

Councillor:                               Lady Maedhbh Rois inghean Uí Chaoimh

Head Lady in Waiting:             Lady Marina Claudia Alessandra de Grado

Captain of the Guard:             Lord Cúchulainn

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Eplaheimr Regnum

Previous Rulers of the Barony of Eplaheimr

Etienne Fevre and Melisende Fitzwalter  AS LV, February 13th 2021 - AS LVIII 1st July 2023