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Friday 5th July to Sunday 7th July

Good cousins, all those of the fair lands of Eplaheimr and those of our neighbours and friends all through Lough Devnaree, our great Dragon Isles and the Great Dragon Kingdom, pray heed! It pleases our Baronesses Rogned and Adele to invite you all to the Bruiden of Eiscir Airgead (Jim Kirwan Scout Hall, Clara, Co. Offaly) for a weekend of games, good food and excellent company.

There will be games and sports including the poc fada and throwing the spear, combat, archery and races. Can you sneak through the woods without being heard? Will your axe hit the target most true?

We invite the artisans of our lands to best depict an animal companion for the Baronesses, whether it be in representative form, as a banner, as needlework, by brush and pen, in metal or wood or any method that most pleases your artistic eye and heart.

This is a camping event with indoor crash space. We can also strive to provide some additional guest camping space onsite. Friday night meal (Traveller's fare), both Breakfasts, Saturday lunch and feast will be provided.


Jim Kirwan Scout Hall is a large Scout Hall with no indoor accommodation but comfortable crash space. We will also be providing extra tents as crash space for anyone travelling from abroad, and we will have a full list of local B&B and AirBnB accommodation in the area posted shortly. It is extremely convenient to Clara Train station which is on the main Dublin to Galway and Dublin to Athlone train line and Kilbeggan is a short drive (pickups can be arranged) for the Dublin to Galway Bus service.

The site opens at 18:00 on Friday and closes at 14:00 on Sunday


Full adult weekend (camping/crashspace):
Members: €40  -  Non-Members: €45

Full weekend unwaged/student (camping/crashspace):
Members: €30  -  Non members: €35

Day trip:
Members 15, non members 20 (feast included)

Children under 18 free

Payments can be made on site - the bookings will be facilitated by Fienta but you MAY pay at the door as an option.

Jim Kirwan Scout Hall, The island, Clara, Co. Offaly R35 HT67

From Friday  5th July 18:00   to   Sunday 7th July 14:00
**(Booking closes Noon - 28th June)**


Event Steward: THL Órlaith Chaomhánach