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Cluain Oir

SCA Group in County Galway


Cluain Oir is Galway's branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), with members based both in the City and in the County.  The SCA is a hobby-organisation that researches and re-creates aspects of daily life and activities from pre 1600 CE.  It is not exclusive to any particular culture or era, so members can choose to portray one or many time-periods before that date.  By aspects we mean - dress, combat, arts and crafts.  We are not a typical re-enactment society as while we sometimes take part in public events, we most usually do things for ourselves.

We meet on a Saturday once a month in St. Nicholas's Parochial School, for Crafting, Rapier sword-practice and socialising. On Friday evenings, one of our members regularly hosts a gathering in Galway City, for anyone who would like to attend for a session of crafting and hanging out.  If there is sufficient interest, we often theme those activity days and bring in teachers to give classes.  We most recently had classes on Calligraphy, Illumination, Book-binding and Medieval Music.

Cluain Oir is also on Whatsapp (to join text Zero73-311-6Zero44) and Discord  or you can get in touch by email:

Cluain Oir is a chapter within the larger Barony of Eplaheimr, a group which covers the Midlands and West of Ireland.  The Barony organises it's own events and gatherings and has it's own Facebook and Discord where people can connect and find out about activities.

We love to have new people join us and find out about all the fun things we, and the wider membership, do!

Our Music-Focus Day

Our Book-binding day!

Our 2nd Anniversary!

Rapier Practice!


Class on Illumination

Class on Egg Tempera

Class on Pigments

Every year we take part in the Medieval Fair organised by St. Nicholas's Church in Galway City.  This is a fun day where we dress up in garb and show off our crafts and activities all of which date from a pre-1600 culture of our choice.  We talk to people, show our work, run free participation classes like dances and singing and music, displays like rapier and armoured combat and generally put on a show for people.  It's a great way to find like-minded people who might like to join us in our hobby.

If you would like to know more about the SCA in general and what we do, we have a wealth of information here:

Newcomer's Guide

Website of the UK, Ireland & Iceland Group

Website of the European Group

Website of the Entire Organisation  (Based in the US)

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