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Court of Love

10 - 11th February - Clara Scout Den

The Barony of Eplaheimr invites you to practice your courtesy and courtly manners at our annual Court of Love event.

This will be held on the 10th to the 11th of February 2024, at the Jim Kirwan Scout Centre in Clara.

There will be a breakfast on arrival on Saturday morning, from 9:00am consisting of Scones, Biscuits and Teas/Coffee.  Sunday breakfast will consist of cured meats, cheese, scones, boiled eggs, sausages and bread.

Lunch is a Potluck, so bring a dish of your own making or purchasing. When calculating how much to bring, please consider roughly enough to feed 4 people.  That way there should not only be plenty to share, but lots of leftovers for Sunday afternoon!


The site provides crash space, and outdoor space for camping.  Please bring what you need for either of those two options.  There is also offsite accommodation in the form of B&Bs if you prefer it.


Largesse Competition: Make or provide 1 dozen of your creations for the Baronial coffers.  The winner will receive 1 of each entry.  We look forward to seeing the wonderful little items your talents and creativity will conjure up!

The Great Baronial Bakeoff - Ingredients Competition: with THL Meadhbh.  You will receive a  number of ingredients with which you then have to cook and and serve and be judged on!

Storytelling:  Prepare a Medieval story about love, courtly love and so on, for sharing at the fireside later in the evening.  Songs and instrumental music are extremely welcome, with the favourite bardic performance to be judged by the crowd!

Sos Cómhra: Please bring a beverage to share and a cup, for this Baronial cocktail hour! This social hour is enhanced by everyone bringing something like a mixer, cordial, liquor or bottle of something to share, whether alcoholic or non.  Personal experiments welcome!

Games: the usual fun and board games..... and a table quiz!

Fencing: Rose Tourney run by Lord Cúchulainn

Archery: A shoot to be held on Sunday morning


Adult Members:  €25
Adult Non-Members: €30
Students/Unwaged: €20
Children under 12: Free

**Last date to Book is 3rd of February, in order to comply with insurance requirements**

Eplaheimr cancellation policy applies.  It can be read here: Event Cancellation

Eplaheimr code of conduct also applies. This can be read here: Inclusivity and Code of Conduct

Event Information

10 - 11th February
Jim Kirwan Scout Centre, The Island, Clara, Co. Offaly R35 HT67
9:00am Saturday - 16:00 Sunday


Event Steward: Baroness Rogned Steingrimova

Marshal in Charge: Lady Marina de Grado

Food Co-ordinator: Viscountess Susannah