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ID20 Commemorative Activities

To Commemorate 20 years of Insulae Draconis being it's own official place (First Viceroy Tournament was held in November 2003), there will be several special activities taking place:

  • The reliquary.  A special reliquary box is being prepared into which people can place something that speaks to them about what the SCA has meant to them so far.  this can be an item, a story written down, anything really.  The plan is to reopen the box at the 30-year anniversary.  Please label your items carefully.
  • Commemorative A&S Display.  People are invited to display an item, or picture of an item that they are most proud of having made so far.  A small written explanation should accompany the item.
  • Commemorative Bardic Performance.  Storytellers, Bards, filkers and composers of all kinds are invited to perform an a piece of their authorship on the subject of 20 years of Insulae Draconis.  These performances will be held over feast.