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Galway Medieval Festival Weekend



Come all ye Scadians to the 14th century St. Nicholas in the heart of Galway for a weekend of showing off!

The rest of us know how amazingly skilled you are, even if you don't think so yourself!  And now we think it's time the rest of the world (the part of it passing through Galway city on that day!) gets to see your crazy talents!  And you get extra show-off time for good behaviour, by tripping on down to St. Joseph's Centre, Shantalla the following day where we get to do a Crafting and Practice day for us to enjoy and where the new people who showed interest the day before, get to try out and learn about stuff as well as the SCA!

Saturday 10th June 2023

St. Nicholas Church, Galway City

9:30am - 3:00pm

Full garb demo at St. Nicholas's annual Medieval Fair

No charge to attend the demo

Sunday 11th June 2023

St. Joseph Community Centre, Ashe Road, Shantalla, Galway City

10:00am - 4:00pm

Non-garb A&S and Martial Arts Try-it-out Day for newbies

€10 charge for SCA attendees, €5 for unwaged/students, Kids are Free (Newcomers no charge)


On the Saturday, we setup at St. Nicholas's Church from 9:30am.  The Church will provide us with tables and gazebos, the Barony of Eplaheimr will be bringing table cloths.  There will also be a roped-off area for Martial demonstrations.

Paid parking will be in the school just across the street, fee for the day is usually in the region of €9.   The bustling Saturday Galway market is located just down the side of the church, including a Sushi stand and an oyster bar.  Feel free to bring your own food, or get something more locally on the day.  There is a small cafe serving coffee, tea and snacks inside the church itself.

Any small classes, bardic demos or try-it-out activities like dancing, or other A&S can be held inside the church if you prefer an indoor location.

This day is garbed and we encourage you to bring just one thing that you are happy to show off and talk about.  Rumours of heading out for a spot of freaking-mundanes and a slap-up meal in a local mead-hall may or may not be true!



On the Sunday, we enjoy a full Revel day with crafting and Martial Arts and invite any interested people from the day before, to join us in Shantalla.  The Community Centre has a high-ceilinged gym suitable for Martial classes and both indoor space with tables and an outdoor reasonably sheltered courtyard for any activities that may need that.  If you want to give a specific class, or request a specific class, please let us know as this is entirely possible!!

This day is garb-optional, and will be aimed at having fun while giving newcomers a taste of what is possible to do in the SCA.  So bring books, bring examples of your craft/s, bring projects you are currently working on, bring your enthusiasm and help grow the Tuatha of Cluain Oir!

There will be teas, coffees and small snacks available.  There is an Aldi behind the hall and an entire Shopping Centre at the end of the road from where a more substantial repast may be obtained.  Rumours of heading out for a slap-up meal in a local mead-hall may or may not be true!

There will be a €10 charge for SCA attendees to cover the hire of the hall,  €5 for unwaged/students and Kids are free. Newcomers will not be charged.