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Medieval Coronet Tourney

Ilchomórtas Coróineád Insulae Draconis

Coronet Tournament

17th - 19th November 2023

Come one, come all and witness the Tournament to decide who will be our next Rulers of Insulae Draconis!  Though the days will be darker, the wind colder, the merrier shall we be with torches lighting the night and the warmth of good company!

Join us in the Barony of Eplaheimr on the island of Lough Devnaree, for a weekend of rejoicing!




Petersburg Outdoor Education Centre


Co. Galway

Site's own website

Ticket Prices


Adult Full Event                                                           €70

Adult Full Event (Membership Discount)          €65

Adult Concession (student/unwaged)                 €45

Adult Daytrip/Offsite, all food                                €30

Adult Daytrip/offsite, no food                                €20

Children Age 6 to 12 full event                                €45

Children Age 6 to 12 daytrip/offsite, all food    €10

Children Age 6 to 12 daytrip/offsite, no food    €5

Children Age 5 and under, in travel cot/bed      €Free

Children Age 5 and under using site bunk         €15

Children Age 5 and under daytrip/offsite           €Free

Children Aged 13+ - See Adult Prices

Bookings are now closed!

We regret that we cannot accept walk-ins on the day unless you are prepared to participate only as a spectator to activities.  This is because without pre-registration, you won't be covered by our insurance.

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Site Information

The site has 64 bunks divided up into dorms of different sizes, as you will see in the floor plans below.

In the case of the larger dorms, the bathrooms and showers are on the ground floor, and the dorms are on the upper floors.

Please bring bedding and towels with you.

All dorms involve climbing a set of stairs.  If you have mobility issues, please inform the event staff when you book.  The ground floor A&S/Royal room can be also used to sleep in, although all bedding and personal belongings will have to be tidied away during the day.

The site is wet, allows covered flames only, and no pets.

There is also quite a bit of off-site accommodation in the area, should you prefer it.



ID Coronet Tourney
ID Coronet Tourney
ID Coronet Tourney
Travelling by Car
Car rentals are available at all airports and the easiest way to get to site is by car. Driving from Dublin airport takes approximately 2 hrs 50mins.
If renting a car from the closest Airport - Ireland West (Knock) Airport – the drive would take 1 hr. The other airport in the West - Shannon Airport – takes 1 hr 45mins driving to site.
If taking the ferry, the drive from Dublin Ferry Terminals to site should take in the region of 3 hours depending on traffic in central Dublin.  The drive from Rosslare would be in excess of 4 hours.
Please note that there are tolls on most of the motorways to site, so Euro coinage could be useful. Gates do take card (just tapping) and there are also coin baskets. Depending on your time of travel, the gates might not be manned.  Pay attention to the neon signage above the gates which tell you which toll booth to go to, depending on how you wish to pay. Prices are advertised on billboards in the run up to the tolls.
Travelling by Ferry
Coming across to Ireland in your own car is an option.
There are direct Ferries to Dublin Port and Rosslare from points along the North Coast of France, the main quickest route from the UK is Holyhead (Wales) to Dublin. You can also sail from Fishguard (South Wales) to Rosslare (Wexford), and from points north (Liverpool, Stranraer etc) to Belfast, but both those options increase the driving time to site quite considerably.
Bear in mind that there might be customs and immigration controls.
Flying to Ireland
The closest airport to site is Ireland West (Knock) Airport.  This is a very small regional airport and unlikely to have regular flights to many destinations.
Shannon airport, close to Limerick city,  links to Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Gatwick, Stansted, Heathrow, Manchester and some US destinations.  It is the closest international airport to site.
Dublin is a well-served International airport with links all across Europe, and is more than likely, the most convenient in terms of flight times and frequency of flights.
Travelling by Public Transport
There is a bus service No. 422 (link to timetable) that operates between Headford and Castlebar which stops in the town of Cong which is 15mins drive away from site. This service operates 3 times a day – early morning, lunch time and evening.
For those flying into Knock Airport and using public transport, it is possible to take bus No. 440 (link to timetable) from the Airport to Castlebar and then change for the bus to Cong.
For anyone coming from Dublin or Shannon, they should get trains or buses to Galway City. They should then catch bus 456 (link to schedule) and change in Headford for bus route 422 (see above first link) and stop in Cong.
There are taxi services from Cong. Please let us know if you will be using public transport when you book.  If there is sufficient demand, we could look into providing lifts from Cong to site, for a nominal fee.

ID20 Commemorative Activities

To Commemorate 20 years of Insulae Draconis being it's own official place (First Viceroy Tournament was held in November 2003), there will be several special activities taking place:

  • The reliquary.  A special reliquary box is being prepared into which people can place something that speaks to them about what the SCA has meant to them so far.  this can be an item, a story written down, anything really.  The plan is to reopen the box at the 30-year anniversary.  Please label your items carefully.
  • Commemorative A&S Display.  People are invited to display an item, or picture of an item that they are most proud of having made so far.  A small written explanation should accompany the item.
  • Commemorative Bardic Performance.  Storytellers, Bards, filkers and composers of all kinds are invited to perform an a piece of their authorship on the subject of 20 years of Insulae Draconis.  These performances will be held over feast.

Event Staff

Event Steward:  Melisende Fitzwalter OL
Reservations Steward: Lady Fianna Rua Nic Mhathuna
Head Cook: Lady Maeve Rois Ineagh Ui Chaoimh
Feast Cook: Lord Kier of Eplaheimr
Marshal-in-Charge: Aodhan dha Cheist
Herald-in-Charge: Lady Kytte of the Lake
Please note that booking for this event is subject to Eplaheimr's event cancellation policy.
Please also note that this event is governed by Eplaheimr's Inclusivity and Code of Conduct policy.