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Lough Devnaree University

2nd of March - Carmelite Pastoral Centre

The Barony of Eplaheimr invites you to join us for an interesting fun day of learning and teaching at  Lough Devnaree University

Taking place on March 2nd, 2024 at the Carmelite Pastoral Centre, The Newtown, Moate, Co. Westmeath, Ireland N37 AW24.


  • How to cut and use a quill (Master Etienne Fevre)
     The art of cutting the quill is not difficult. This will be a hands on class where you will be shown how to do it, and then get to cut your own quill. Using a cut quill is something people can struggle with but there are a few easy tips that make this much, much easier. We'll cover this too.
    Quills provided. There is no charge for materials, but feel free to make a small donation to the Barony if you like.


  • Acrylic painting on white tiles (Lady Marina Claudia Alessandra de Grado)
    Paint your device or any other motif on it - €5 per tile


  • Spinning Wool with suspended spindles (Eibhlís af Luimneach)
    Learn how to spin wool on suspended spindles (aka drop spindles) - Drop spindles and wool provided for class. If you wish to purchase your own spindle, they cost €10 each.


  • The spear in Fiore Dei Liberi (THL Eplaheimr-Jin Ünegen)
    I will show the basic stance in Fiore spear work and basic attacks and parry for fighting with a short spear about 6½'. It will be mostly done using fencing spears but applicable to armoured short spear - A basic understanding of fencing fighting footwork will be preferable.
    Equipment needed: Fencing mask or heavy helmet (If you have one, there will be some loaner equipment)


  • Play making and puppet performance (Viscountess Susannah of York)
    Play making and puppet performance.


  • Tempo and Measure (Master Cernac the Navigator)
    How Not to Die in Fencing. Principles and drills you can use to help make yourself a better fencer.Equipment needed: Fencing mask, gloves, sword. Some loaner gear may be available. If you come with full fencing gear, you will be able to get more out of the class.


  • Scribal 101 (Lady Fianna Rua Nic Mhathúna)
    Have you ever wanted to make a scroll but unsure how to start? This is the class for you!
    Equipment needed: Pencil, paper and ruler if possible.


  • Principles of Nalbinding (Baroness Melisende Fitzwalter)
    Beginners guide to the ancient art of Nalbinding
    Equipment needed: Yarn, nålbinding needle if they have one (Loaner needles available on the day)


  • Irish Pronunciation for Heralds and Others (Lady Fianna Rua Nic Mhathúna)
    Lady Fianna will happily answer your questions on names and titles "as Gaeilge" to the best of her knowledge and give a simplified version of how to tell your Thiarna from your Tánaiste. No prior knowledge of anything about the Irish language or culture is necessary!
    Equipment needed: Note taking materials


  • Beginner Bobbin Lace (Lady Marina Claudia Alessandra de Grado)
    Learn the basics of creating period style Bobbin Lace.
    Cost - €3 for yarn


  • How to start patterns for Medieval turned shoes (THL Eplaheimr-Jin Ünegen)
    Lord Ünegen will explain how to make patterns and start the process of making turned shoes, we should be able to make patterns for you to use to make period shoes that fit properly.
    Equipment needed: A picture of the shoes you want to make, a plastic bag and duct tape / masking tape.
    If you want to make shoes, soling leather cut to your size can be provided / sized and cut at a later date. (This will cost €15 per pair, approx. 6 pairs available.)


  • Potluck ideas and suggestions for period food (THL Meadhbh Róis Ineagh Ui Chaoimh
    Come discuss ideas for period food and recipes, peruse a multitude of cookery books of the period from Lady Meadhbh's personal library. Come away with three ideas to try out for your next potluck event.


  • Medieval Food Discussion (Lord Nemet Arpad)
    Join Lord Arpad wherever you can find him, to discuss the wonders and nuances of Medieval Food and cooking.


There's still time, if you are interested in teaching a class, hosting a discussion or if there is a particular Art or Science you would like to learn about, please fill out the form below:

We hope to have a day filled with talented educators in various areas and skills. Please keep an eye on the webpage for further updates.



Lunch is a Potluck - that means everyone contributes a dish. Feel free to bring your favourite Medieval dish, or bread, cured meats/fruit, or cake if you are not culinarily-inclined. If you have a food allergy or dietary requirement please cater for your needs. The site has a full catering kitchen that you can access to heat up or finish off your dish, and to wash your utensils out in afterwards.


Adult Members:  €10
Adult Non-Members: €15
Children aged 6+: €5
Children aged 0-5: Free

**Last date to Book is 27-02-2024, in order to comply with insurance requirements**

Eplaheimr cancellation policy applies.  It can be read here: Event Cancellation

Eplaheimr code of conduct also applies. This can be read here: Inclusivity and Code of Conduct

Event Information

2nd of March, 2024
Carmelite Pastoral Centre The Newtown, Moate, Co. Westmeath, Ireland N37 AW24
10:00am to 7:30pm


Event Steward: Robert of Eplaheimr

Marshal in Charge: Lord Eplaheimr-Jin Unegen